What Is a Cooperative School, What Do We Do and How Is My Involvment Beneficial For My Child?
The Co-Op and What We Do

Founded in 1966, our cooperative school offers an exceptional education with parent involvement for children 2 1/2 to 6 years of age. 

Through the years our staff is continuously dedicated and trained to help the children in their classes reach their full individual potential. They work with the children to help them succeed with introducing a curriculum to help them reach their own distinct milestones.

We encourage the children to learn and grow independently through purposefulness. Our staff is there to assist the children in shaping their individual and personal milestone goals and helping the children grow to love school and the education they are receiving.

A co-op also offers a setting to have the children socialize in an environment where they feel comfortable and distinctive. Socialization is achieved through play time, working together in stations, circle time and in so many other beneficial ways. Our small class sizes leaves more opportunity for the students to get to work with each of their classmates to build their skills on group activities.

Although we are located in the Faith Reformed Church facility, we are a non-religious based program. We celebrate diversity by honoring many holidays and traditions in order to embrace and emphasize respect and learning about different walks of life to become a responsible and accountable member of the community. 

Little Hands Cooperative Nursery School’s teachers, staff and facility are all licensed by the state of New Jersey. Every staff member is certified in CPR, first aid, and all participate in an abundant amount of seminars focusing on all important aspects of our program. We want to consistently provide a excellent education, provide the best resources, and better our facility to fit the needs of our students and their families. We want to constantly keep up with ensuring your children are getting the best start to your little ones’ first school experience.

Our Curriculum 

In a cooperative nursery school the children learn through play. It is so important to incorporate this method because it allows to form their science and math skills, pre-reading skills, language development, hand and eye coordination, self-esteem, empathy, problem solving, fine motor skills, imagination, and so much more.

At Little Hands we also incorporate enrichment programs into our weekly schedule inside school hours. These programs include Library Time, Cooking, Nature Classes, Language classes, Yoga and so much more! These programs give children an even bigger opportunity to grow and gain more from their school experience.

Why Choose a Cooperative Nursery School and What are My Duties as a Cooperative Parent?

With so many benefits that the children experience at a cooperative school, parents at a cooperative school greatly benefit through partaking in their child’s school experience. Observing your child in the classroom gives you the ability to be hands on in your child’s education.

This ability to be involved in the school also allows to build a “family-like” community with the other families at the school. You get to know one another on a first name basis, learn about different cultures and backgrounds and it adds an all-around abundant exposure to diversity and allows for greater community involvement.

When it comes to your duties as a Co-Op parent, Little Hand’s model has grown to meet today’s family’s busy schedules. We offer class participation but we do not require any tasks or committee duties. You get to be a part of your child’s first school experience without a large time commitment. Most importantly you get to have fun experiencing preschool with your little one!

Passionate parental support is one of most important fundamentals at Little Hands’ and its most valuable resource. Membership is keen in forming the school's ever growing foundation. Without our parents our school would not be as unique and community driven as it should be.

“At Little Hands parent involvement creates the biggest and most important basis in a co-op’s purpose.”